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7 Days African Safari Tour

7 Days African Safari Tour


Are you looking for a safari adventure in Africa? Join us on this seven-day tour and explore the country’s stunning wildlife. 


With our experienced guides, you’ll be sure to spot some of its many exotic animals – from lions and hippos to elephants, cheetahs and leopards. See them all in their natural habitat! You won’t regret booking a trip with Kibokoland Adventures today.

After breakfast, you will be picked up from a hotel and drive to Lake Manyara National Park which is stretches along with Great Rift Valley that mainly occupied with an alkaline lake. Here, you can witness thousands of birds with different species. The available of vegetation also supportive of animals like grassland elephants, antelopes, monkeys, giraffes and more. You can also view Manyara lions and get a move towards the lodge.

You will be going to have a morning game drive and get to Lake Manyara National Park after your breakfast. Well, this national park is mainly filled up with mahogany as well as baobab. Also, the park is highly famous for tree climbing lions. After your lunch, we will leave to Serengeti National Park and then arrive at the lodge. Even you will get a chance to explore park terrain at noon and get to view ore number of animals like elands, monkeys, giraffes and more.

After waking up so earlier, you will be getting an opportunity to take a ride at a hot air balloon. This ride will be going to support you to witness the Serengeti Plains. Well, after your breakfast, you will enjoy viewing the Sogore river circuit. Also, it is the best spot in terms of viewing gazelle, topics, lions, ostrich and more. Even you can also find the Visitor’s center after morning game drive.

In the afternoon, we will move to Kopjes Circuit which majorly attracts large cobras, lions and all. Also, there are several with pools contains water after rains. Well, this thing attracts the majority of wildlife species over there.

After breakfast, you will leave to Ngorongoro Conservation Area and stop at Olduvai Gorge. Here you can boast a history dating getting back to the dawn of time. After that, we will arrive for lunch and start to spend the afternoon time.

At early morning, we will go down to crater in terms of exploring the park and get to view the large number of animals like zebras, buffalos, wildebeests and more. Even you can witness the rare bat-eared fox. Well, the crater is highly popular for viewing large wild species. For instance, you can also view lions, wildebeest, birds and more.

After breakfast, you will leave to Tarangire National Park which is having Tarangire River under Great Valley. The availability of both swamps as well as river harbor majorly attracts the animals like fringed eared oryx, greater kudu, and Starling.

Once your breakfast is completed in the early morning, you will have a morning game drive in Tarangire National Park. Then, we get back to Arusha. And, here the journey successfully finishes.

If you are planning for 7 Days African safari trip, then without going for a second thought you can make this trip possible at your budget. Even you can get various deals when it comes to booking for the journey that whenever you want.

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