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3 Days Oldoinyo Doinyo Lengai Trekking


When it comes to 3 Days Oldoinyo Doinyo Lengai Trekking, people are really excited about visiting that place at least once in their lifetime. If you are one among them would like to visit during your vacation, then you can contact Kibokoland Adventures that whenever you want. At your budget, we will take you there with 3 days package. Let’s discuss the package that what all the activities that we are going to experience in it.

After your breakfast, we will depart Arusha to Ngaresero village which is located near Lake Natron. If you are looking for timing, then it will be taking around 8 hours of the trip to reach. During this trip, you will have your lunch in between. However, there will also be dinner as well as an overnight campsite in order to stay. After that, you will be taking to OL Doinyo Lengai very early in the night.

Also, one should know that OL Doinyo Lengai is said to be one of the most active volcanoes in Tanzania. It is also mainly considered to be sacred site of pilgrimage as well as the dwelling place of god Enkai.

On day 2, we will be getting up early in the night for having some snacks with tea and start our drive to OL Doinyo Lengai’s base from the peak. Now, go down the mountain and getting our drive back to camp. Well, this is how the second day comes to an end.

Once the breakfast is completed, you will be taken to Arusha or Moshi along with lunch as per the instruction. In between the route, you can witness even again more natural sceneries in general.

So, if you are the one who is looking ahead to make a trip in 3 days package, then climbing OL Doinyo Lengai is the best place to visit. In order to make this trip at your budget, you must contact us and get to know more about the available deal. With the completion of a deal, you will be instructed with the rules to follow. The great thing about us is where you can easily make your deal at your budget. So, without experiencing any difficulties, you can start to witness the OL Doinyo Lengai in your vacation time. The only thing is that you have to make sure to check about the weather condition before going to experience this great trip.