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Zanzibar Island

Zanzibar Island

Known for its fascinating History, Zanzibar Island Tanzania is among the Islands in East African Coast where Arabs dominated and trades all over the World. Zanzibar island in Africa was once the center of Slave trade that has a negative perception when it comes to human rights.

Zanzibar is among the biggest Islands in the East African coast comprises of two main Islands Unguja and Pemba, Unguja being the largest with about 1464 sq km while Pemba is about 686 sq km The name Zanzibar is derived from Arabic words ‘Zinj el bar which means the Land of Black people. Unguja, Pemba and many other islets together are making the semi-autonomous part of the United Republic of Tanzania. Unguja Island is referred by many to be Zanzibar and in that case, all the time when traveling to Unguja, we say we are going to Zanzibar. Stone Town is the capital of Zanzibar with its fascinating history.

Thinking of Zanzibar Island history and pictures of the very romantic pastwhite sails dhows in Indian ocean, swinging palms along the beautiful white sand beaches as the sun setting, ruin of the most historical buildings, women in black veils, the exotic spice plantations and the fascinating history of this Island, today, all these are reflecting in people’s culture and traditions.

Zanzibar island offers from the white tropical sand beaches, spices, history and culture pattern of this cosmopolitan Island.  As a ground handling we are in a position to arrange various activities in this historical Island ranging from Spice plantation toursDolphin tours to the Southern beaches at Kizimkazi, walking culture tour at Jambian village, A visit to Jozani forest home to the Red Colubus monkeys, known in Swahili as the ‘Kima Punju’, Prison Island trip with an engine wooded dhow this can be combined with either Spice tour or Stone Town tour. A visit of the old Town of Zanzibar “The Stone town” with its narrow lines and old buildings from Beit al Ajaib which means The House of Wonders, to Sultan Palace and many many more including the site of The former slave market at daraja.

Zanzibar Island tours can be arranged independently upon arrival to this island but we can as well combine with wildlife safari or Mountain climbing or both.