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Udzungwa Mountains National Park

Udzungwa Mountains National Park is a protected area in Tanzania, known for its rich biodiversity, scenic landscapes, and hiking opportunities.


Udzungwa Mountains National Park is a haven for nature lovers and those seeking off-the-beaten-path experiences. Its combination of stunning landscapes, diverse ecosystems, and unique wildlife make it a special destination within Tanzania’s conservation and ecotourism efforts. Here’s an overview of this national park:

Mikumi is home to a variety of wildlife, and it shares many species with the Selous Game Reserve to the south. Common animals include lions, elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, zebras, wildebeests, and impalas. The park is also known for its rich birdlife, with over 400 bird species recorded, including the lilac-breasted roller, saddle-billed stork, and yellow-throated longclaw. Here’s an overview of Mikumi National Park:


Udzungwa Mountains National Park is located in the Eastern Arc Mountains of Tanzania, approximately 350 kilometers southwest of Dar es Salaam.


The park covers an area of about 1,990 square kilometers (770 square miles).


Udzungwa is characterized by a range of rolling hills, deep valleys, and diverse ecosystems. The park is part of the Eastern Arc Mountains, which are recognized for their high level of endemism.


The park is renowned for its high biological diversity, including numerous plant and animal species found nowhere else on Earth.

Udzungwa is home to a variety of primates, including the Udzungwa red colobus monkey, the Sanje Crested Mangabey, and the Iringa red colobus.

Sanje Waterfalls:

One of the highlights of Udzungwa is the Sanje Waterfalls, a stunning series of cascades where visitors can enjoy the natural beauty and, if conditions permit, take refreshing swims.

Hiking and Trekking:

Udzungwa offers excellent opportunities for hiking and trekking. The most popular hike is the Udzungwa Mountain Trail, which takes visitors to the peak of Lohomero and provides panoramic views of the surrounding area.


The park is home to diverse plant species, including various types of orchids, ferns, and ancient flowering plants. The lush and green landscapes contribute to its scenic beauty.


Udzungwa is a haven for birdwatchers, with over 400 bird species recorded, including the Udzungwa forest partridge and the Udzungwa forest robin.


The park is accessible by road from Dar es Salaam or Iringa. The main entry point is the Mang’ula Gate.

Guided Tours:

Guided tours are recommended for exploring the park, especially for trekking activities. Local guides provide valuable insights into the flora, fauna, and cultural aspects of the region.