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A fabulous way to spend a day among the nature of Tanzania is by visiting Materuni Waterfalls. A day trip to Materuni Village and Waterfalls is the best way for visitors to get away from the hustle of city life. The hike there offers stunning views of Tanzania’s nature while also giving you an intense workout that will either prepare your body for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or help ease sore muscles after reaching their peak. Book your tour today with us to this highly recommended destination.

A tour of Materuni Village and Waterfalls is a good way to spend a day away from the bustle of town life. The walk to Materuni Waterfall offers a glimpse into the nature of Tanzania while giving you a bit of a work-out to either prepare your body for the forthcoming climb to the highest point of Africa – Kilimanjaro, or ease your muscles after the climb. The tour starts in the coffee plantations of the local Chagga tribe, where the villagers will demonstrate some of the processes involved in coffee farming and handling and give you a chance to participate in preparing the coffee beans and making your own coffee. The following walk to Materuni Waterfall is an opportunity to see how local fruit, including avocados, mangos, lemons and bananas grow, as well as learn some of the local history and traditions. A swim in the waters of the fall and lunch amidst the beauties of African nature conclude the tour

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