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2 Day Safari to Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara



Generally, people are excited about making a short and sweet trip that whenever they get time. In order to make such a trip, you can be done with two days safari to Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara. This amazing package is mainly designed to experience the wildlife in Tanzania within two days. If you are excited to make this trip, then we are always ready to take you over there that whenever you want at an affordable price.

On day 1, you will be meeting our guide in Arusha and start our travel directly to the Ngorongoro conservation area. Once we arrived, then we will have our lunch and get into Ngorongoro crater in order to witness the beautiful wildlife. Here, you can able to witness the wildlife creatures like jackals, hyenas, lions and more. Also, you can make huge pictures to capture your moments.

Once done, then we will be visiting Lake Magadi which is located in the southwestern corner. When it comes to this area, you can witness water birds, hippos and flamingos over there. As per schedule, dinner and accommodation can be arranged in a good manner.

After your successful breakfast and lunch, we will be moving to Lake Manyara National park. Once we reached Lake Manyara National park, we could see the combination of Soda Lake, wildlife and more. This thing grabs the attention of many wildlife creatures over there. However, you will also get a chance to view lions, flamingos, elephants and others near the lake. If the game drive is completed, Kibokoland Adventures will get you back to Arusha and bring this trip to an end.

During this trip, you must tip with some amount to our tour guide and get back to the hotel and finish this trip officially as per the instruction.

If you would like to make a short trip to witness the experience of wildlife, then this 2-day safari tour would be a great choice for your budget. Once the budget is fixed, then make sure to contact us and finish your deal successfully without experiencing any difficulties. Before getting into the trip, make sure to know more about the instruction that should be followed during our trip. After knowing clearly about that, then you are ready to begin your safari tour in two days package. Contact Kibokoland Adventures to get the best deal right now.

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