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1 Day Safari Trip in Tanzania

Elephants grazing at Amboseli with Kilimanjaro and Acacia Trees


Usually, very rare to see the people are making a short trip in general during their vacation time. However, you can also get a chance to witness a very short trip of 1 day. With your small budget, we will be supporting you to experience this trip without any hassles. 

If you are planning to make this trip possible, all you need to do is contacting us and get to know about the places that you are going to visit in one day safari tour in Tanzania.

First of all, you will be taken from Moshi to Arusha National park where you can witness the nature of wildlife which mainly includes giraffes, hippos, red forest duikers, colobus monkeys and more. Also, the park is highly dominated with Mount Meru. Along with this trip, you will be also going to have your breakfast as well as lunch.

In order to witness the edge of Great Rift Valley, then Lake Manyara National park is going to offer a lot with the combination of breathtaking views and wildlife nature. It is mainly located between the way to Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater. With small area, it is rich in a number of birds to witness along with wildlife. If you have luck, then you will also get a chance to see elephants when it comes to wooded regions along with tree climbing lions in general.

Once arrived in Moshi town, you will be going to meet our professional guides and get the right instruction from them to follow. Now, you will take to Tarangire National park along with lunch boxes. After the successful reach to Tarangire National park, you will witness the combination of rivers like Tarangire, baobab trees, wildlife that surrounds with sceneries.

When it comes to viewing the wildlife, then you can see Giraffe, Ostrich, Zebra, Elephants and more along with different species. Also, you will experience the real nature walk along with armed guard and enjoy your lunch over there.

In order to book one day safari in Tanzania successfully, contact Kibokoland Adventures that whenever you would like to visit. With a possible amount of deals, you can choose your right package and get your schedule to visit the above-mentioned places. If you are looking for this trip to make with your family at a reasonable budget, then it is always possible.

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