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It is a dream for millions of people to climb Mount Kilimanjaro through various routes. To make this trip possible, it is essential for people to stay fit as well as healthy to match any conditions while trekking. In order to go ahead with this trip, you can visit Kibokoland Adventures and get to know more about the routes involved in it and pick the package according to your budget. Let’s check out the routes that how many days each route required to cover.

climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Kibokoland Adventures enjoys a success rate of over 98% of our clients making it to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro. This is Stella or Uhuru Peak and an extremely high success rate. This is due to our fantastic and experienced guides who are dedicated and passionate about getting you safely to the summit. They walk slower (pole pole) than most other guides, which is a secret to preventing altitude sickness and increasing your changes of making it to the top.

Kibokoland adventures recruiting Our Kilimanjaro and safari head guides receive Wilderness First Responder Medical Training. This is the highest first aid and medical training which specializes in dealing with emergency situations in remote settings. They have worked on Mt Kilimanjaro for a minimum of 12 years each and are a truly committed to kibokoland adventures due to nice fear well we provided to them and their family. They will not only guide you up this incredible mountain but will teach you about the Tanzanian culture and way of life.

We pride ourselves on quality equipment and do everything possible to make our clients comfortable. Our client sleeping tents are in good qualities and are 5 season mountain tents. Should you wish for the use of a private toilet on your climb, this can be added for an additional cost.

Machame Route

If you see this route, then it is the most beautiful routes where you can prefer at Mt.Kilimanjaro. Once entered this route, you will be moving through lush rainforest and get a chance to witness Mt Meru along with Shira ridge. Generally, it has a number of steep passages. Also, one should know that the Machame route is mainly said to be the demanding ones. And it takes seven days schedule to complete the entire trekking process.

Lemosho Route

This amazing Lemosho route is starting from the western side of Mount Kilimanjaro. While travelling in this route, you may experience the thick rainforest belt. Also, you can experience the small trail mainly contains steep passages and move through diverse landscapes. At the end of trekking, you may feel that this route is completely challenging. This route will take 7 days to complete.

Northern Circuit Route

It is the newest circuit route and the perfect route for people who look challenging. This is also the only route that mainly visits northern slopes while moving around the mountain. It is also the longest route which will take 9 days to cover. This thing makes this route difficult one. However, this route is considered to be the high success rate one.

Rongai Route

When it comes to Rongai route, it is said to be the route that approaches mainly from the north. Due to low traffic, it has already gained more popular among the hikers. So, people who all are often looking for an alternative route from the crowded route, then this route will be the best pick. To cover this route, it will take six days to complete and maximum up to seven days. It is the route where you can pass through wilderness areas and reach Kibo camp. It is also the highly recommended route that if you are looking for middle-level backpacking experience.

Marangu Route

When it comes to Marangu route, it is mainly said to be one of the most comfortable routes to trek by staying at huts. Here the route is absolutely stable which makes you easy to climb that without finding any difficulties. Also, the accommodation will be arranged in simple mountain huts. To complete this trip, it requires 6 days on the whole.

Shira Route

It is the little-used trail that mainly starts near Shira Bridge. This route is absolutely beautiful to experience throughout your journey. Along with that, you will be getting a chance to view various stunning sceneries. It is also the route that traverses below southern ice field of Kilimanjaro mainly known as a southern circuit. This route will take a minimum of seven or eight days. Choose your route

Umbwe Route

This route has the reputation for its most challenging route. When it comes to this route, it doesn’t offer any required stages for acclimatization. Also, one should know that the success rate is low due to less traffic. Somehow, people may feel that this route is the very difficult one to pass after a certain level of the stage. To complete this trip, it requires at least six days covering this route.

Choose your route

So, whenever you are looking for Kilimanjaro routes to pick, you can follow the above-mentioned routes and choose the right ones. As per budget, you can make your deal with us and get instructed according to routes.

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