6 Days Umbwe Route in Mt.Kilimanjaro

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Umbwe Route

6 Days Umbwe Route in Mt.Kilimanjaro

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6 Days Umbwe Route in Mt.Kilimanjaro

Usually, people are excited about making their trip over Mt.Kilimanjaro. However, there are some of the routes which offer you thrilling as well as exciting experience on the whole. When it comes to Umbwe route, then it is going to be the big challenging route. Also, you will be having difficult to hike along with your friends and family. If you are really interested in accepting a challenge, then this route is for you. We are going to take you on this trip once the route is planned.

Umbwe Route

Day 1:

On day 1, it mainly started with a drive towards Machame gate once the registration process and the formalities are done successfully. Now, the path will be over the dense rain forest. However, you will be going to witness the rivers surrounded by trees.

Day 2:

Now, it continues with the second day where you can have a trek around huge trees. Once started moving, you can witness Kilimanjaro and started to visit Barranco valley. The thing is from Umbwe ridge, the path will be going down to Barranco camp.

Day 3:

In our third day of trekking, we will go down to Barranco wall and start to climb. Now, you are going to experience the hills and move towards Karanga valley. Then, the available of steep climb will also take us directly to Karanga camp.

Day 4:

Now, we will be going to leave Karanga and visit the junction, then move continuously towards Barafu Hut. At this stage, we will make camp and enjoy the dinner at night by viewing the beautiful sceneries from different angles.

Day 5:

During this day, we will start our trek in early morning and get ready to submit. Well, this is going to be the most challenging part of this trek for sure. Yes, we are going to move in darkness for many hours. Finally, you will be reaching over Mawenzi peak. At last, we are at the highest point of Mt.Kilimanjaro.

Day 6:

In this final day, you will go down to Mweka gate and get your certificates for making this trekking successful. Now, Kibokoland Adventures will take you to Mweka village from the gate and get your way back to the hotel.

Final words

If you want to make an exciting experience by visiting Mt.Kilimanjaro through Umbwe route for 6 days, and then we are always ready to take you there. At your budget, you can pick your package and get unlimited fun for this vacation. Send your enquiry to schedule your tour.


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