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5 Days Kilimanjaro Climbing on Marangu route

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5 Days Kilimanjaro Climbing on Marangu route

Planning for Kilimanjaro trekking is always going to be the special one for sure to experience with your family. To experience this amazing trekking, you must require at least 4 or 5 days depends on the route. If you are planning to visit, then Marangu route is the best pick where you can witness the scenic beauty of nature and spend your valuable time. Here we are offering the schedule for 5 days that what you are going to experience while making a trek in Kilimanjaro.

5 Days Marangu Route

Day 1: Towards Mandara hut from Marangu gate

Firstly, you must move towards Kilimanjaro gate from Arusha town which is said to be a good looking village. Once the bureaucracies are done, you can start your climbing that contains Mandara Hut. Even you can experience to witness Maundi crater which is said to be the volcanic place. So, when it comes to visiting Mandara hut, it requires around 3 to 5 hours by walk.

Day 2: Take a journey to Horombo Hut

When moving towards horombo hut, you will be going to cross over forest where you can get to witness Mawanzi peaks and Kibo. Throughout this trekking, you are going to see the rises and sets of Sun which are striking to its core for sure. However, it will take around 4 to 6 hours to Horombo hut from Mandara Hut.

Day 3: Trip to Kibo hut from Horombo Hut

Now, you can move towards the lunar desert where suddenly the surface getting started to witness the changes. At this stage, you can have a rest and consuming food in order to take a journey of final climb till evening.

Day 4: Get to horombo hut after summit day

At this stage, our company kibokoland adventures get ready to take you with the support of torchlight to reach gillman’s point. When it comes to reaching this point, it will take around six hours for sure. During this trip, you can see the beautiful glaciers which are engaged with the summit area. Now, you will be getting back to Horombo hut from Gillman’s point which requires around 15 hours for sure.

Day 5: Final trip to Arusha

Once the breakfast is done, you will be taken to Mandara by crossing National park gates and reachArusha town. Well, this is how the final day of the journey has come to an end.

Wrapping up

In order to get the loveliest experience, you can make a deal with us at your budget. And start to enjoy the best trekking along with us this vacation with your family and friends that whenever you need.


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